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Mind Challenge believes in a learner-centred approach, that focuses on individualised training and coaching strategies. Mind Challenge’s expectations through the development and delivery of high-quality training ensures each learner has access to:  a personal mentor, flexible, connected, engaging and quality training (face-to-face, online or blended delivery), work experience that engages key industry networks and opens the door to an array of opportunities, a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) program (because your previous study, skills, knowledge and experience does matter) and a study/training schedule that encompasses work and life! Mind Challenge customises training products to meet individual and organisational needs.

Mind Challenge offers the learning you want and the attention you deserve. Are you in?


Before you enrol, Mind Challenge offers a no obligation FREE Initial Consultation to discuss which course you are considering and why.


*Holistic Program – training that encompasses work and life: implementation of a coaching and mentoring training model that maps a learner’s life, work history, essential skills and knowledge and highlights key learning areas to be updated/developed (personal/professional development requirements);

*Mentor Program – training delivered by a ‘mentor’:
build a meaningful and valuable relationship with a mentor who understands the industry, work, issues, personal and professional development needs. We want to see our learners’ become ‘mentors’ in their life, workplace, team.

*Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Program – training that is recognised now and in the future:
only study units of competency where development, improvement or change is required. Focus on units of competency that add value to the individual and the workplace; reduction in fees and study time frame when units of competency are assessed and approved through the RPL program;

*Training Plan – training that is monitored, reviewed and progressive:
your training plan provides a schedule that keeps you accountable and on-track to complete your study and training in your agreed time frame;

*Payment Plan – training that can be paid off as you go:
course fees can be paid off using the Claire Clifford Training and Education Services payment plan. Don’t avoid studying because of the fees.

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Mind Challenge has made a significant impact on our well-being and education program. We provide an engaging and flexible learning platform for our players to enhance their lives through study. The Penrith Panthers Welfare Department feel very grateful for the partnership with Mind Challenge to help these young men achieve their off-field goals.

Kevin Kingston, Welfare Co-ordinator, Penrith Panthers NRL Club

Mind Challenge provided a connected and engaging training journey that incorporated coaching, mentoring and practical work experience. I feel I have gained lifelong skills that I can utilise across both life and work. I highly recommend Mind Challenge for your training and education needs.

Emily, Mind Challenge Learner

I participated in Mind Challenge’s Ambassador Program for junior rugby league players. At the beginning, I was really nervous and unsure what to expect, but I loved this program and everything that Ben and Zac (facilitators) taught and showed me. I have learnt heaps from the combination of skills and education sessions so I can’t wait to use the skills and knowledge when I start pre-season. Thanks to the Mind Challenge coaching team for running this program and for letting me participate.

Jack, Ambassador Program participant (junior rugby league player)

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