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Frame of Mind Program

Mind Challenge offer the Frame of Mind Program which is module-based training for individuals and organisations.


Why module-based training?

Mind Challenge is a boutique Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and Life Coaching business in Western Sydney that is committed to consulting, planning and delivering customised and individualised courses and module-based training to individuals and organisations now and into the future.

Mind Challenge does not just provide training. We focus on lifelong learning; personal and professional development combining work and life!

There are a number of key drivers that support Mind Challenge’s customisation, innovation and individualisation of training and assessment:

  • building training strategies around an individual’s and organisation’s values and vision
  • providing valuable, engaging learning and education for individuals that meet key industry and organisational capability targets (this also aligns to RTO standards)
  • providing individuals with life skills, knowledge and exposure to a range of career opportunities
  • develop individual capabilities to support their job description, work roles, personal and professional development.

Who can undertake module-based training?

Module-based training provides another learning opportunity for any of the following individuals:

  • Contemplating a career change
  • Looking at a job promotion
  • School leavers (year 10, year 11 or year 12) who perhaps haven’t decided which industry domain to pursue
  • Retrenched from your job
  • Returning to the workforce after time off
  • Need to up-date your qualifications or update professional development plan
  • Retirees who enjoy learning
  • Business/organisation looking at training opportunities for staff (employees)
  • Just have an interest in one or more of the modules……

Module-based delivery options

Modules can be completed online or Mind Challenge can customise the module to deliver at a workshop. Individuals and organisations can bundle the modules or complete as stand-alone modules. The completion time provided against each module (is approximate) and may vary depending on each learner’s own schedule. Completion time may also vary if Mind Challenge deliver the module at a workshop.

To enrol now!

Click on the ENROL button. To complete these modules online, an upfront payment is required.

Non-Accredited Modules

The modules delivered in the Frame of Mind program are non-accredited, however, each individual will receive a Certificate of Participation which can be used as a form of evidence for any Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment process within any Training Provider. Where possible, Mind Challenge map the module against a relevant/current Training Package and simulate practical activities to best meet the learning outcomes/criteria of that module.

Additional Training and Coaching Programs

Mind Challenge offer a customised and individualised Training and Coaching Program which comprises:

  • Life Coaching
  • Leadership
  • Mentoring

These programs are customised to individuals and linked to your job role. Mind Challenge can also customise any of these programs to a group of employees in one workplace. The fees associated to these programs are calculated on a individual basis and dependent on length of program.

To find out more information 

Should you wish to discuss these modules or the training and coaching program and how Mind Challenge can customise them for a business/organisation, please contact Claire on 0410 568 872 or complete the Enquiry Form available on the website.

Course Content

Time: 10 weeks

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