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Our vision is to 'challenge your mind' by engaging you on a journey of learning and discovery. Mind Challenge does not just provide 'training'; we provide an 'experience,' where your training, learning and exposure to opportunities will be embedded into your everyday life - work, home, relationships, friendships, networking, sporting endeavours. Each individual will become a mentor within their own life. Your learning is lifelong; not short-term.

Mind Challenge was created from a strong passion and commitment for education, training, opening up opportunities and mentoring individuals from diverse environments.


Mind Challenge trainers are driven, motivated, experienced and well connected in their respective industries. They are here to support you and ultimately provide a fresh perspective on each situation you are faced with. They will provide you with opportunities to explore in an increasingly competitive world.

Mind Challenge will challenge your mind to realise your own potential; recognise your strengths, explore your current reality, find positive solutions to make changes and ultimately become a high performing individual.


Mind Challenge offer a flexible learning environment where learners can select one or more delivery modes to fit within their daily commitments. You can choose to study full time, part time or incorporate a blend of face-to-face study with distance (online) study.

Our trainers will get you focused on hitting your goals, align multiple variables around a shared vision and provide connected and engaging learning opportunities with consistent and constructive support.

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