How it works

How Mind Challenge Works?

Before clicking on the Enrol button, Mind Challenge schedule a FREE Initial Consultation with all prospective learners. Why? Firstly, we want you to make the right choice and be certain that the course you do enrol in, is the smartest decision you will make. Secondly, our mentors will identify strategies and provide tools to explore and expand your knowledge and capabilities so you can make informed decisions, get a promotion and/or pay increase, meet your career aspirations, broaden your horizons, secure a new job or career, follow your entrepreneurial & sporting pursuits, move onto higher education BUT ultimately be challenged and succeed.

Key components of each of the Mind Challenge courses.......

Motivated and industry connected mentors, an Individual Training Plan that keeps you accountable and on track, flexible delivery modes to meet your daily commitments. You will have access to face-to-face workshops, tutorial sessions, an interactive online learning platform, regular webinars, diverse workplacements and projects and access to a range of support, resources and industry experts.

Mind Challenge training aligns to and compliments your existing skills, knowledge, experience.

Your free ‘Initial Consultation’ with an experienced mentor, will allow you to explore and develop your Individual Training Plan, and your short and long term goals. You will be provided with detailed information on each course so you can make an informed decision about which course is ‘right’ for you.

Start the change

Register here to book in for your initial consultation with one of our personal mentors.

Challenge yourself now by completing the Mind Challenge enquiry form below or call us on 0410 568 872 to book your initial consultation.

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